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In 2010, a strategy strategy consulting firm was contracted by members of the corporate industrial wind power generation business, to come up with a plan to help the wind power developers gain and strengthen public support for a pro-wind agenda.

The company, the Sussex Strategy Group, recommended in a private report that was leaked to the media, that:

  • “it will be critical to ‘confuse’ the issue in the politcal/public/media away from just price..”
  • “there needs to be a rainbow coalition of validators and messengers”
  • “Industry and the Alliance [the Green Energy Alliance] must come together to grown [sic] the coalition, amongst not only developers and manufacturers but also other third party validators: unions, economists, health care professionals…”

Health care professionals. In Ontario, the largest group of health care professionals is NURSES, and target us they did. The Registered Nurses Association of Ontario accepted the message that wind power generation is essential to government efforts to health the environment and prevent premature deaths due to air pollution.

The problem is, none of that is true. Nurses were used as a “third party validator” for an inaccurate message.

Our goal here will be to bring balance–and dare we say, TRUTH–to this issue. For now, some interesting facts:

1. Ontario’s air quality has been improving steadily over the last 40 years. The source of Ontario’s air pollution now is industry from south of the border and cars.

2. Ontario relies very little on coal-fired power generation, less than 10% in fact. Ontario suspended a multi-million-dollar program to install clean-emission technology on our coal plants. Closing our remaining coal plants will make no difference to Ontario’s air quality.

3. Ontario is spending about 80% of its funding on renewable energy sources on wind power, which is expensive, inefficient (generally about 27% of capacity) and unreliable. It is also being blamed for health problems due to environmental noise.

4. The indirect health effects of exposure to the environmental noise (audible sound and infrasound /low-frequency noise) are extensive. Currently Ontario has received more than 1,000 complaints of excessive noise, hundreds of people are reporting symptoms due to sleep disturbance/deprivation and stress, and dozens have had to leave their homes.

5. Far from being environmentally friendly, industrial scale wind power generation is damaging to the environment. At Wolfe Island, more than 13 birds are being killed each year per turbine…these are chiefly raptors (eagles, owls etc) that are very important to the eco-system. The foundation for ONE turbine structure requires 70 cement truckloads of concrete.

What we ask: read more, learn more. Especially read the Resolution being presented at the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario (RNAO) Annual General Meeting in April 2012.

Thank you.

Nurses for Safe Renewable Power


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