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Wind power: the “greenest” of power sources? (No)

We recently saw a letter from an Ontario resident who claimed that she didn’t want to hear anything more that was negative about wind power generation because it is the “greenest” form of power generation available, and that was that.

Is she right?


There are environmental effects from any type of power generation but wind is far–very far–from being completely blameless. The inputs to manufacture and construction (the foundations alone are a serious concern) are significant, and as industrial structures industrial wind turbines affect the environment in a variety of ways. In 2002, consultants for the David Suzuki Foundation discussed various forms of power generation and put industrial wind pretty close to the bottom because of its high environmental impact and low benefit.

All this is to say that people really need to read more and learn more beyond what the wind industry and–especially in the case of Ontario–the government is telling you.

Here’s a video interview with Dr Lorrie Goldstein in which he reviews the five mistakes Ontario made in pushing ahead with wind power.’s-errors!/1437361456001

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