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A comment was made to us by email recently regarding biologist and environmental icon David Suzuki. The commenter felt she didn’t know what to believe now, especially as the environmental impacts of industrial-scale wind power are getting better known. (A case in point is Ostrander Point at the southern tip of Prince Edward County where a wind project will kill thousands of birds and industrialize an area that ought to be protected. And, the north shore of Lake Erie, another important bird area where, as biologist Dr Scott Petrie says, the bird kills will affect the bird population of all of North America.) “Why isn’t Suzuki standing up for the environment?” she asks.

Why indeed.

And why, when you start looking more closely at other non-government environmental organizations or ENGOs such as The Sierra Club, Environmental Defence, Ontario Sustainable Energy Association, Ecology Ottawa, and the Clean Air Alliance, why are they standing up for Big Wind too, when the environmental questions are clearly very worrying?

We don’t have the answer. But the situation is well worth looking at. There have been questions in the past about who is funding these organizations and what their goals really are. The Clean Air Alliance for one, was part of the group of organizations that informed (some say directed) the Green Energy Act in Ontario. That act was clearly written by and for the corporate wind developers.

Some of these groups are getting funding from the Trillium Foundation despite the Trillium’s policy of NOT funding political activities.

Environmental Defence for example, ran a spurious campaign last year in Ontario by ferrying a supposed eight-year-old named “Penelope” around Ontario, begging voters to vote for clean air (i.e., wind power). But who is Environmental Defence?

The founder of ED was Mr. Bruce Lourie who sits on the Board of the Ontario Power Authority and the Board of the Trillium Foundation. The latter have granted ED $943K since 2007. The executive director of Environmental Defence is Dr. Rick Smith who is on record as  “supporting policies that limit pollution and invest in clean energy”. That means wind power. He uses his doctorate in such a way that people who don’t dig into details could believe he is a medical doctor (he isn’t).

Ditto for Gideon Forman of Canadian Physicians for the Environment or CAPE, who never corrects people who assume he is a medical doctor. He isn’t; his degree is in communications which is very useful for what he does.

As for David Suzuki, his blatant support of the Ontario Liberal Party in the last provincial election resulted in his having to sever ties with the foundation that bears his name, a fact that is not widely known.

All this is to say, like everything connected with industrial-scale wind power, the huge corporations behind wind power development and their backers, all is not what it seems.

For more details on the ENGOs, you might like to read this open letter to Elections Ontario, written by former international banker Parker Gallant, whose columns on Ontario’s energy system may be read in The Financial Post. You might be shocked at the amount of public money going to these organizations, who then devote the funds to blatantly political activities.

Open Letter to Elections Ontario

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