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Health research on turbine noise: not what we’d hoped?

Wind Concerns Ontario today released a new statement on the health research project being administered at the University of Waterloo with funding from the Ministry of the Environment.

The statement is here.

Statement on ORC-RETH

Wind Concerns Ontario is aware that residents of Ontario living with industrial wind turbines are being encouraged to participate in a research project being carried out at the University of Waterloo (the ORC-RETH project). This research may also extend to residents who are not presently living in the vicinity of wind power generation projects. 

In announcing the awarding of the Research Chair funded by the Ministry of the Environment (Ontario), the College of Ontario Universities summarized the project in this statement: “[the] research program will develop new technical approaches and will provide guidelines in setting standards to ensure health and safety in the manufacturing, use, and end-of-life phases of renewable energy technologies.”

Wind Concerns Ontario welcomes the idea of clinical research into the effects of the environmental noise and vibration produced by wind power generation. However, we have serious concerns that this research appears to be comparing the noise from industrial wind turbines to other forms of industrial noise. Experts in the field have stated that wind turbine noise is unique and unlike any other industrial noise source.

In addition, the bulk of the research activity seems directed toward finding engineering solutions for the noise. We also note that this project does not at present have approval from an internal ethics committee at the host university. These are serious issues. 

We wish to reiterate that it is important for all potential participants to ask questions prior to their involvement, to reassure themselves as to issues of confidentiality and the end use of the data from this project.

Finally, if anyone is considering legal action, consulting a lawyer prior to participation in this research study is advised. If you are concerned, please get in touch with us at windconcerns@gmail and we will endeavour to provide you with the appropriate resources. Thank you.



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