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What is a ‘direct’ effect on health?

The phrase you see over and over again in the literature reviews and government/industry reports on industrial wind turbine impacts is that “there are no direct effects on health” or there is no “direct link” between industrial wind turbine noise and vibration and health effects.

This is nonsense.

Especially so when you consider that there are studies and a World Health Organization report on the deleterious effects on environmental noise ( that document these effects…which are indirect effects.

For example, smoking cigarettes is known to be a factor in heart disease and lung cancer. But what happens is, smoking cigarettes sets up various reactions in the body that then can lead to heart disease. This is a direct effect.

The environmental noise and vibration produced by industrial wind turbines can indirectly cause health problems such as sleep disturbance, anxiety, headache, tinnitus, nausea and vomiting, and elevated blood pressure. But these are all indirect effects … and the wind industry knows it.

A direct effect on health from industrial wind turbines would be to have one of the things fall on you, or to be hit with ice from one of the blades (which can happen).

So take care in your reading to discern the difference in what the author of any paper is saying: if they rely on the “direct effect” dictum, they are hoping to persuade you without properly discussing the topic.

Tomorrow: What is peer review, really?

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