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Moratorium on wind power projects NOW: Cdn Federation of University Women

Among the very well thought out and well intentioned Resolutions proposed by members of the Canadian Federation of University Women for 2012, such as establishing a mental health strategy in Canada, or ensuring food security, is Resolution 3, “Moratorium on the Construction of Industrial Wind Turbine Developments”.

Proposed by the Kincardine Ontario Chapter of the Federation, the Resolution reads: RESOLVED, That the Canadian Federation of University Women (CFUW), strongly urges all levels of government (municipal, provincial, federal, territorial) to institute a moratorium on the construction of industrial wind turbine developments until such time that evidence-based, impartial, scientific research studies have identified issues relating to site placement, economic efficiencies and potential effects on human health and the environment resulting in the development of national, uniform standards and regulations.

The proponents cite the lack of economic benefits from wind power development, potential for damage to the environment, impact on wildlife and–most important–the potential for affecting the health of people living nearby.

If members of this august organization see the dangers in industrial-scale wind power development, why cannot the Ontario government? The Registered Nurses Association of Ontario?

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