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Ontario’s safest setbacks–they’re not

News from a person today living near the Grand Valley wind project just west of Shelburne, Ontario. The newly erected wind turbines are in test mode today … and after just one day, she is sick.

This is a woman who owns and runs a farm, is physically active and healthy … and today she describes her lack of equilibrium as being so severe, she didn’t trust her balance while standing on her deck to hang out her laundry.

This is just in the test phase for the turbines, of which there are 9 within close proximity of her home. Wait until they are operating 24 hours a day.

This effect is unfortunately typical as a result of the vibration or infrasound produced by the turbine blades as they spin. Make no mistake: these machines are in no way “wind mills.” Each blade weighs 6 tons.

Another little know fact: this particular project is one of several that were approved pre-Green Energy Act, were dormant, and now with Ontario’s subsidy program have found new life. But, get this: because their Notice to Proceed was granted before the Green Energy Act, the project can go ahead under old regulations for setbacks, i.e., at 400 meters instead of the current 550. (Which is based on flawed sound modelling using old, less powerful machines, but that’s for another day.)

The government likes to claim its setbacks are the most “stringent” in North America…they’re not, Nova Scotia setbacks are 1,000 meters and more than 50 jurisdictions have greater setbacks. But WHY allow new construction under the old and clearly unsafe setbacks?

Ontario says it’s closing coal power plants for health reasons (they could shut them down RIGHT NOW then) but why is the government subjecting people to environmental noise and using old regulations which it knows are not adequate? Why is the goal not a health environment for everyone?

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