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Wind power in Ontario : “economic and social disaster”

The rest of the week after the Ontario government released its so-called review of the Feed In Tariff or FIT program was filled with criticism of the subsidy program, and the problems it is bringing.

A Sun editorial appeared on Saturday, declaring the FIT program a “disaster.” The editors wrote that Premier McGuinty continues to claim more “green” power is needed “to close Ontario’s coal-fired electricity plants by 2014. But the plants are barely used now because of Ontario’s energy surplus, and wind and solar have to be backed up, usually by natural gas plants, because they can’t deliver base load power on demand.” ( )

And in the meantime? People are becoming ill from exposure to the environmental noise and infrasound produced by these huge power generating machines.

When will the government stop this experiment? When will the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario realize it has been sold a bill of goods and made party of a huge industry media campaign?

If Ontario wanted to close the coal plants it could do so, today. At this very moment, coal plants are generating about 350 MW of power in Ontario—demand is 16,000 MW. Hydro is generating about 4,000 MW. So, we could do without the coal altogether. But why shut it down when you can wait for an election campaign and make a big show of doing it?

Write to your MPP and tell him, yes, you’re a nurse (or other person concerned about the health of the people of Ontario) but wind power is not the answer. Resources could be so much better spent elsewhere. The goal? A safe environment for everyone.

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2 thoughts on “Wind power in Ontario : “economic and social disaster”

  1. Anne H on said:

    We on Amherst Island are faced with the installation of 34 50-story wind turbines (by Algonquin Power) in our small community. A group of us are focusing on the negative health effects of IWTs in our letters and presentations to local, provincial and federal government, with some success at the local level but not yet making headway higher up.

    My letter to RNAO challenging their support for the Green Energy Act has received no response.

    It seems that all the official pronouncements and policies are for the benefit of alternate energy companies, not those individuals affected in their homes and communities.

    Government and Big Business have done a great job marketing the idea that “If It’s Green, It’s Good”. Not true…ask the people whose lives have been affected by these inefficient, expensive and health-damaging behemoths.

    Anne Henderson BN RN
    Amherst Island

    • Don’t give up. Keep writing, and write to the BOARD. You may consider going to the RNAO website at, and write to each chapter in support of the Resolution coming up at the Annual General meeting the last weekend in April.The sad truth is, the majority of the members live in cities and this is not an issue that touches them or their clients/patients. But it does affect those of us working and living in rural communities, AND the poverty that is the inevitable result of Ontario’s high electricity bills will add to the social determinants of health and affect the health and wellbeing of everyone in Ontario.
      High electricity costs will also affect the cost of food in Ontario, and the potential effects of taking good Ontario farmland (the best in the country!) out of production to host wind and solar developments has yet to be assessed.
      Keep writing! And use real mail, if we may suggest.
      Thank you!

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