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Ontario’s safe setbacks–NOT!

Earlier this week we posted that there is no scientific foundation for Ontario’s setbacks for health and safety regarding the siting of industrial wind turbine projects…in fact, the setbacks are based solely on computer noise modelling, and are not borne out by field testing. (As the Ontario Ministry of the Environment is finding out, as it answers hundreds of complaints from Ontario residents.)

Now, on the Wind Concerns Ontario website, is an article that notes much further setbacks between the turbines and people’s homes (referred to in warm and fuzzy Ontario as “noise receptors”) exist in other jurisdictions in Canada, the U.S., and around the world. Nova Scotia, for example, has a setback of 1,000 meters or 1 km, and Saskatchewan has a setback of 750 meters. Actually, the research coming out of Australia would suggest that these setbacks aren’t safe either, as health effects are being seen at distances up to 5 kilometers.

The Academy of Medicine in France has recommended a setback of 1.5 km.

See the Wind Concerns article here

The fact is that the industrial wind turbines being used today are huge, powerful power-generating machines that do produce noise and vibration. The harmful effects of environmental noise have already been documented by the World Health Organisation and others…why can’t organized nursing see it? Why WON’T they?

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