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Society for Wind Vigilance proposes 2 km setback for IWTs

The Society for Wind Vigilance ( ) announced yesterday that they support as an interim step, a setback of 2 km from an industrial wind turbine, and the property boundary of a home, as an acceptable limit. However, the Society, which is made up of international scientists and health care professionals, noted that this is just an interim step that is supported by existing evidence, and that they will be revising their statement in the months to come.

The statement, found on the Society’s website, is backed up by health research. It must be noted too that the founders of the Society have been accredited as experts and were allowed to testify at the 2011 Environmental Review Tribunal in Ontario. The decision of that Tribunal as we know was that there ARE health effects from industrial wind turbines, and that more attention needs to be paid to proper siting, and that more research needs to be done.

Of course, 2 km is still not adequate, and the Society knows that; they’re just saying, this is a start. And for Ontario, a 2-km setback would knock out anything south of Wawa.

Once again, when is the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario going to sit up and take notice? What’s really going on behind the RNAO’s steadfast devotion to the Ontario government’s increasingly preposterous commitment to industrial-scale wind power generation?

“It’s time,” is the RNAO’s current ad campaign theme, promoting nurse practitioners in the province.

It’s time the RNAO did some proper research and stood up for the people in this province, and defended the health and welfare of ALL Ontario communities.



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