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How can there NOT be health effects?

An alert follower brought this blogsite to our attention. As you may know, wind power developer has been operating a wind power facility near Fond Du Lac in Wisconsin for several years.As you may have seen in an earlier posting here, the brown County Board of Health is asking the state government for funds to help relocate people who have been made ill from the turbine noise.

In this blog are postings by the author for ONE DAY at a time with the environmental noise from the turbines. It is very disturbing. You can readily see how someone exposed to this much noise, and who is not able to sleep, could become ill.

Turbine Noise Log for February 6, 2012

6:10 AM. Last night I was woke numerous time by the turbines. I was woke at 1:12, 2:36, 3:27 plus two more times in which I did not look at the clock. At 5:45 I got up. My alarm was set for 6:00 AM.

6:20 AM. Wind SW, 10 MPH. The turbine noise this morning is a loud blade noise ( a type of whooshing) to a jet flying over.

10:10 AM. Wind SW, 17 MPH, 18.6 rpms. The last few days have been a little peaceful as far as wind turbine noise. The noise is back with a vengeance. Turbine 4 noise is like that of a low altitude jet flying. There is also the noise somewhat like the sky is being ripped apart. My ears are crackling. I have a throbbing at the base of my neck.

5:30 PM. Until late this afternoon the turbines were making noise like that of a low flying jet going over.

8:35 PM Wind NW, approx. 15.2 rpms. The noise from turbine 4 is a loud motor hum to a jet noise. Turbine 6 is thumping and pounding.


Also, tonight on Wind Wise Radio,, will be testimonies from wind power victims. The show is on at 7 PM Eastern Daylight Time.

Why is the Ontario government allowing this to happen? Why is the Registered Nurses Association staff–not the members–not standing up for the health of people in Ontario?



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