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RNAO: new position statement on energy ignores reality

The RNAO has released its policy statement on energy in Ontario, which the association links to the health of the people of Ontario.

The policy statement is here:

There are so many things wrong with this it is impossible to cover them all. First of all, Ontario now relies on coal for so little of our power (less than 3%) that it is completely untrue to continue decrying illness and death from air pollution due to coal-fired power generation. If you want to go after a health problem in Ontario, it would be SMOKING. Why is the RNAO not complaining about the cuts to funding for smoking cessation?

The RNAO seems to get most of its information from environmental groups specifically the Ontario Clean Air Alliance. This group was one of a cadre of groups (Ontario Sustainable Energy Association was another) that together with the wind industry lobby created the Green Energy and Green Economy Act, which was written specifically to benefit the wind industry.

In turn, these groups rely on the results of a deeply flawed 2005 study. Stranegly, the study calls for the use of nuclear for power in Ontario as a cost-effective and reliable way to produce power…the RNAO however, has decided now that nuclear is bad too.

The timing of the RNAO announcement of its policy statement is interesting. It is three days from now that a group of Ontario nurses will be asking RNAO members at the annual general meeting, to vote FOR a resolution supporting properly designed clinical research on the health effects that can result from exposure to the environmental noise and vibration produced by industrial-scale wind turbines.

One group is trying to stand up for the health of the people of Ontario: who is it? The nurses who live in Ontario’s rural communities, or the downtown Toronto-dwelling RNAO staff?

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