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RNAO conference begins today

The Registered Nurses Association of Ontario begins its annual general meeting and conference today in downtown Toronto…almost as far as one can get from the people suffering from industrial wind turbine noise in Chatham-Kent, Middlesex-Lambton, Erie Shores, Goderich, Kincardine, Ripley, and Melancthon-Amaranth.

The resolution asking for support for a properly designed, clinical health study, and for a halt to wind projects until their safety has been confirmed, will be presented for discussion this evening, and to a vote tomorrow morning.

Here are some FAQs:

Doesn’t Ontario need wind power to replace “dirty coal”?

No. Wind will never replace anything, it is unreliable and produces power out-of-phase with demand, i.e., at night. It has to be backed up with other forms of power generation and in Ontario right now, that will mean natural gas. And, little known fact: Ontario is using coal for less than 3% of its power. It could shut the plants down right now, except that it needs them in case of a peak in demand. Wind can’t do that, either.

Isn’t there already a research study ongoing?

There was one announced  (the RETH out of U Waterloo) and it earned an honourable mention in the Auditor General’s report last December for being missing in action. Why is it taking more than two years to get going? And they don’t plan to have results until the 5 years is up, by which time all the planned wind turbines in Ontario will be built. Who says we only need ONE health study anyway? Let’s get going. Let’s protect people’s health.

A healthy environment for everyone–that should be the goal of Ontario and the RNAO


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