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And the new enemy of the McGuinty government: doctors

We were astounded today to hear the new president of the Ontario Medical Association Dr Doug Weir on CBC’s Ontario Today program, telling listeners that Ontario’s Minister of Health Deb Matthews, was using fictional figures to literally villainize Ontario’s medical profession.

She claims they asked for a huge raise, at a time when the province isn’t doing so well, and that–watch this, it’s the new mantra–“we can’t spend the same dollar twice.” Whatever that means.

Dr Weir, however, said on the CBC, “I don’t know where she is getting those numbers” referring to Matthews’ statements about physicians’ income and billings.For example, Matthews claimed that Ontario doctors were number one in Canada for income.

Not true, said Weir, we’re number seven, in fact.

But the net result of the conversation was that doctors were put in the position of having to justify their incomes in the context of the Ontario economy. Suddenly, we have economic problems in Ontario, and doctors are part of the problem.

Matthews claimed that the OMA walked away from the table and demanded a huge raise. Not true, said Dr Weir. The doctors asked for a two-year freeze, he said, and in that time they wanted to work with the government to find areas where the province could save money without compromising health care.

What they’re getting now is a whole lot of “spin” and blame for Ontario’s financial problems.

This government likes to take numbers and create mythology that many people unquestioningly believe. (Like the RNAO) This is so similar to the problem of industrial scale wind power generation which is producing environmental noise and making people ill. The government has invented a “coal is killing people” mantra which is not supported by fact, and villainized Ontario’s rural communities as “NIMBYs” when in fact, they want to protect their communities and their health like anybody else.

As nurses, we need to dig deeper and learn more. Right now, Ontario’s health care system–and the people who work in it–are at risk. Meanwhile, HUGE subsidies ($500,000 per year, per wind turbine) are going to corporate power developers.

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