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From the U.S.: government doesn’t care if wind power makes people sick

If you have time, listening to Wind Wise Radio once a week will cast some more light on this whole wind power situation and you will learn what’s going on in the United States: it’s not good.

This past Sunday, the hosts interviewed a U.S. army veteran who lives in northern Minnesota (that’s actually just south of Ontario’s Rainy River area). Mr Hagen now suffers from tinnitus (a ringing in the ears due to either hearing damage of brain injury) which can be debilitating. Doctors in the Veterans services advised the government and a wind power developer that their proposed plan for a turbine development would seriously affect the veteran’s health. The project was built anyway. Now, Mr Hagen and his wife (who is also ill from the environmental noise and sound pressure) have three turbines within a kilometer of their home, and are within 5 km of 122 turbines.

The doctors have ceased to advocate for the family because they feel their jobs are in  jeopardy.

So here we have a veteran who has given service to his country, but now, his community, his home, his health, has been destroyed in the name of profits.

Listen to the podcast at

The RNAO this week demonstrated in support of health care services for refugees in Canada…we could wish they would look at the plight of the wind power refugess, too.



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