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Epidemiologist: setbacks less than 1600 meters “unconscionable”

Dr Carl V. Phillips has been saying for years that plenty of proof exists that people are being harmed by the environmental noise and infrasound from industrial wind turbines.

Recently, he testified at a hearing in Kentville Nova Scotia, and made several important remarks, including his assertion that setbacks of less than 1,600 meters are “unconscionable” and that the proposed setback of 700 meters would pose significant risk to health.

The news story is here:

An excerpt follows:

KENTVILLE — Opponents of large-scale wind farm development in Kings County delivered a strong message to local politicians Wednesday night.

About 200 people crammed into the Kings County council chambers in Kentville to express their views at a public hearing as council continues to struggle with the controversial issue.

The social and economic costs of such projects, and their risks, appear to outweigh the benefits, said Andrew Steeves, who lives in Black River Lake and owns Gaspereau Press.

“What we have seen, so far, is the democratic process working,” Steeves said about council’s willingness to listen to citizens’ concerns regarding health issues, noise, declining property values and the impact of large wind farms on tourist attractions.

Dr. Carl Phillips, an American epidemiologist invited by local citizens, presented evidence regarding the health effects of wind turbines. Those effects include sleep and mood disorders, headaches and increased stress, Phillips said.

Important health effects happen in half of the people exposed as far as 2 1/2 kilometres away from large-scale sites, he said.

It would be “unconscionable” to allow wind farms less than 1,600 metres from homes, Phillips said.

“At 700 metres, we have tremendous risk.’’

The North and South mountains are well populated, Jack McMaster said as he presented slides showing large swaths of destruction during construction of large farms in other parts of the world.

Baxters Harbour resident Rick Graham calculated the number of private residences in his neighborhood that are within 1,000 metres of the proposed turbines on North Mountain, and said the total was 713.

“And people think no one lives there,” Graham said.

So, while the RNAO is bravely following along what is dictated to it by Environmental Defence, the Clean Air Alliance, and the  Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment (whose executive director Gideon Forman with a MA in communications, never corrects people who think he is an MD, and who inappropriately spoke to a resolution at the recent RNAO Annual General Meeting), there are real scientists out there with real facts about a real health problem.

“Speaking out for health,” RNAO? Not hardly.


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