Nurses for Safe Renewable Power

Looking for a healthy environment for everyone

And now for something completely…funny. But serious

Here at last is an article that pokes fun–if indeed Ontario’s situation where people are being made ill can be seen as remotely funny–at Ontario’s push for large-scale wind power.

Put them in Toronto!

The theory goes that Toronto residents are already dealing with so much noise (and, we speculate, infrasound) they won’t notice the horrendous pulsing from wind turbines.

Read the story here:

The urban/rural divide exists in many spheres, not the least being the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario, where its Toronto-based staff take a wholly urban view and never consider the needs of and consequences for suburban/rural citizens. Ditto for CAPE, Clean Air Alliance, Environmental Defence, the Suzuki Foundation, Pembina Institute and the Sierra Club, who all purport to have the environment in mind, but don’t care if a few thousand people get sick, or thousands of birds and bats are killed.

Nurses for Safe Renewable Power


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