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Wisconsin Senator: I represent families who are sick

Wisconsin Senator Frank Lasee says he represents several families who are ill from exposure to the noise and infrasound from industrial wind turbines, and he knows families that have had to leave their homes because it is impossible to live in them now. Wisconsin is the site of the wind power project at Fond du Lac, where some homes are a mere 300 feet from turbines.

The Senator says the wind industry has “stacked” hearings and evidence up to now, and he is demanding a fair commission to look at the health effects. For more information go to

The Senator will be interviewed on Wind Wise Radio Sunday July 8th, an Internet radio show available at  Podcasts are available after the live show.

So now, RNAO (and your friends at the Clean Air Alliance and CAPE) we have a Senator who is speaking out for health…when will you speak out for health and for the people in Ontario who are already ill, and for the THOUSANDS more people who will soon be exposed to wind turbine noise and vibration, as Ontario continues to push these developments forward?


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