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Health Canada study announced. Well, what does the RNAO say now?

This week’s announcement that Health Canada is concerned about the rising number of health complaints associated with industrial wind turbines and that it is launching a clinical study of people living with the environmental noise and infrasound produced by the huge machines, must put the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario in an odd position.

“Speaking out for health,” is part of the association’s slogan. But did they?


The delegates voted down a resolution calling for more health research in April and frankly, the administration did everything it could up to that point in the process to derail the resolution. (It is worth noting that there were a number of abstentions from the vote: clearly, those delegates felt they wanted more information and discussion on the issue.)

And now, Health Canada says, There’s a problem.

We knew that.

We’ll be watching for action from the RNAO, Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment, Environmental Defence and all the others who claim to be concerned about out environment and health.

Support the study, and start listening to the people of this province who are being made ill.

So should you have.


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