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Infrasound “absolutely” a health problem: U Windsor prof tells CBC

CBC’s The Bridge had an insightful and intelligent interview with the University of Windsor’s Colin Novak, who is researching the infrasound produced by industrial or large-scale wind turbines.

This is an excellent interview, and concludes with the interviewer asking the professor whether infrasound as is produced by the IWTs can cause health problems. “Absolutely,” he responds. “This is pretty significant sound pressure.”

And THAT is an INDIRECT but very real health effect.

Please take note, Minister of Energy for Ontario, Minister of the Environment, Premier Dalton McGuinty, Minister of Health and Long-Term Care, and the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario.

Have a listen to the interview here:


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3 thoughts on “Infrasound “absolutely” a health problem: U Windsor prof tells CBC

  1. Aural infra- sound and wind turbine “syndrome” has been proven to be insignificant over and over and over. The only ones perpetuating this are those that do not like wind turbines and use the sound argument as an excuse to stop renewable energy. You may Google “Wind Farm – Cons, part 1” for facts.

    • Really?
      Infrasound has been documented widely throughout the world, and noted to be a risk to health. Infrasound was actually used as a weapon in the second World War. Numerous studies exist on the health effects from infrasound caused by traffic noise, airplanes, etc. Industrial-scale wind turbines produce a unique noise and infrasound or sound pressure.
      Listen to this recent interview broadcast on the CBC with assistant professor Colin Novak at the University of Windsor, talking about infrasound. And pay special attention to the interviewer’s last question, and to Dr Novak’s response. The question, Can infrasound cause health effects? elicits the response: “Absolutely.”
      Environmental noise in itself has been documented as a risk to health; see the World Health Organization 2011 report on the burden of illness caused by environmental noise.
      So, the discussion of infrasound is very far from an “excuse to stop renewable energy [sic].”

      As nurses, our concern is for the health of people being exposed to the sound and infrasound–this should be your concern too.
      First step: stop thinking of wind power generation projects as “farms”—they are not. They are industrial power generation installations and ought not to be placed anywhere near people.

      • I am a person who lives in a very rural area because I care not for urban noise/air pollution/crowded conditions etc. so I am well aware of the annoyance of city sounds. I am also well aware of sound decibels that affect health. You seem confused about infrasound however – it is inaudible – well below the hertz range of human hearing. Another point, decibel levels are well regulated in Europe – not so much in the U.S. – that is a county or state decision. The normal allowance is usually between 30 and 40 decibels depending on location and time of day. That is comparable to a person whispering or speaking very softly – hardly the same as a highway, train or many other common urban noises experienced by millions everyday. The sound of the wind itself is most often much louder than any turbine. I am sure there are folks that are annoyed by having turbines nearby and can worry themselves sick due to self induced stress. The bigger question is how to meet the demand for electricity while decreasing CO2 emissions. I’m a big fan of solar myself and have decreased my personal energy consumption. Do you have positive solutions to offer society?

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