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Dr Alec Salt: “I am more convinced than ever”

This message comes to us from Dr Alec Salt:
We have updated our website to include our recent data on a number of topics. It includes both our paper and presentation given this week at InterNoise 2012 in New York.

Important conclusions:

1) The ear’s responses to infrasound can be enormous – over 4 times larger than to sounds you can hear presented at even the loudest levels.

2) The ear’s response to low frequency noise at 45 dBA is larger than to wide band noise presented at even the loudest levels.

The ear is getting “overstimulated” by low frequency noises at low dBA levels and by infrasound.

3) There are at least 4 scientifically-supported mechanisms by which low frequency sounds that you can’t hear can indeed affect you.


 I have never been more convinced that long-term exposure to low frequency noise is really dangerous. Alec Salt

Alec N. Salt, Professor
Department of Otolaryngology, Box 8115
Washington University School of Medicine
660 South Euclid
St. Louis, MO, 63110
Now more than ever, it is obvious that those who are ignoring the effects on health are either ignorant, or operating with a business or political agenda. Why is the RNAO ignoring research like this?

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