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Independent health researcher calls for public inquiry

Those who are reading about the international research on the environmental noise and vibration/low frequency noise produced by large-scale wind power generators will be familiar with the name Carmen Krogh. Carmen has spent the last five years doing independent research on the health effects, and has since been called as a witness in various settings and is in demand as a speaker both in Canada and the U.S.

Today, she has called for Health Canada to launch a public inquiry into the health effects caused by the noise and low frequency noise. In a document published by herself and Beth Harrington (Communications Director for the Society for Wind Vigilance ) she asks that a public inquiry/investigation be held, consisting of two parts: an inquiry at which people would be required to testify under oath; and an open inquiry.

This would be a very informative venue for the various scientists and health care professionals who have been working on this issue to testify, and also for the “victims” of wind turbine noise to discuss their experiences.

We applaud this announcement, and support it wholeheartedly. We also support the Health Canada proposed clinical study, and will be offering a comment on study design to principal investigator David Michaud of Healthy Environments and Consumer Safety, Health Canada.

The call for public inquiry document is here:

Inquiry on Wind Turbines Sept 5 2012 FINAL [2]

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