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History made in Grey-Bruce!

Citizens affected by the wind power projects in the Grey-Bruce area appeared at a meeting of the local health unit on Friday. Several residents–including former nursing teacher and FORMER RNAO member Norma Schmidt–presented to the health unit board, detailing the effects on the health since the wind power project began operating.

Details are here in a story from the Owen Sound Sun-Times:

What’s important here is that the Medical Officer of Health, Dr Hazel Lynn, confirms the health effects and says she has no doubt that these health problems are real.

Grey-Bruce is going to begin reporting these to the Ontario Ministry of Health, as per legal requirements of local boards of health.

This is a momentous step forward.

And it is a vision of the truth: that Ontario is seeing the beginnings of a serious environmental health problem. A problem that will become a disaster if the Ontario government actually realizes its proposed plan of 10,700 MW of wind power … the health effects being reported now are from several hundred turbines. Imagine what will happen if several THOUSAND are in full force throughout the province. Many projects are located so close to people that a single project threatens to expose thousands of people to noise and infrasound.

This is wrong.

The Registered Nurses Association–“standing up for health”—ought to get on the right side of this issue. Support your nurse members who are dealing with this, and support protection of the health of the people of Ontario.



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