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Oh gie o’er already: Mr Premier and Ms Matthews

Our Premier, who is on his way out of politics, addressed a meeting of the Nurse Practitioners Association of Ontario yesterday in London, Ontario. While dozens of anti-industrial-wind power demonstrators marched outside, Mr. McGuinty claimed once again that while he “listens” to the opinions of people with different views*, in fact his government was promoting large-scale wind power generation in answer to calls from the medical and nursing professions to shut down coal plants which, he said, are “making our kids sick.”

Oh, gie o’er already, would you?

Coal-fired power generation is virtually shut down in Ontario and has been for months and months. At this hour, today, November 3rd, the power output from coal is ONE megawatt. One.

We’ve said this before and will repeat again in context: the true source of the air pollution that remains in Ontario is from transportation, and from air pollution that comes from south of our border with the United States. Shutting down our last, lonely megawatt of coal power generation will not make one whit of difference to anything.

But with Minister of Health Deb Matthews also jumping on the coal-is-killing-people bandwagon, it seems the Liberal Party of Ontario is going to stick to this message. As the people of Toronto and other cities breathe the fumes from cars   and trucks, they will continue to believe that closing coal plants…er, sorry–PLANT, there is only one now operating—will save their lives.

Ontario deserves better.

And we deserve better nursing leadership that will look at the truth: if the RNAO were to look at smoking and poverty (which is going to be worsened by Ontario’s burgeoning electricity bills), the organization would have more credibility as a group “speaking out for health.”

The RNAO simply parrots the politically driven messaging from Canadian Physicians for the Environment (which has precious few actual physicians as members) and other groups with interesting agendas.

Wind Wise Radio features Jeff Aramini this Sunday, one of the authors of the recently released report on wind turbine noise an health effects. Give a listen in at at 7 PM. (You can pick up a podcast later, too.)

Time for the truth in Ontario—not politically expedient nonsense.

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* He has NOT in fact listened to the dozens of people suffering from effects of the environmental noise produced by wind turbines, to their MPPs, doctors, or municipal politicians. More than 80 communities have officially asked for a halt to wind power development.


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