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RNAO and Ontario government: maybe a little TV will help you ‘get’ it

The situation in Kincardine Ontario is so dire–people there are living with Enbridge’s 115-turbine Underwood project–that this past week, a delegation of residents went to Council and actually asked for a state of emergency to be claimed.

That Mayor said no, but Council did undertake two very significant actions:

1. Kincardine officially accepts and recognizes that the wind power generation project is causing health effects


2. Council directed staff to write to the Premier, the Ministers of Health, Environment and Energy to say that the situation is Kincardine is very serious and warrants immediate attention.

Council plans on discussing several other recommendations from the group, HARM or Health Affected Residents Meeting, at its meeting next Wednesday; we await the outcome.

We hope the letter from Kincardine does not meet the same fate as the letter from Don McIver, Mayor of Amaranth, who on two occasions wrote to the Ontario government asking for help…the situation in that area from the 2006 power project has affected the health and wealth of residents there.

In case the government still can’t or won’t understand this, we offer a clip from CTV news which covered the Kincardine event and interviewed some Kincardine residents.

Supposed health related groups like the RNAO and Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment (which isn’t about health at all) ought to view this, too. Bottom line: this issue is breaking, whether you like it or not.

True health professionals already get it; time you did, too.

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3 thoughts on “RNAO and Ontario government: maybe a little TV will help you ‘get’ it

  1. I live in Kincardine within close distance to a turbine and experience no health effects, nor do my neighbors. There is a reason why the municipality DID NOT declare a state of emergency, likely in fear that it would look like a joke. Seriously, are there not bigger issues that need our attention?

    • The fact is, not everyone is affected by the noise from the turbines or–more important–the infrasound the machines produce. Some liken it to being on board ship: some people experience seasickness, while others do not.
      Because you are fortunate enough not to have any effects from the turbine project however, does not mean you should have no sympathy for the THIRTY-TWO families who are ill.
      To answer your question, your Medical Officer of Health and the majority of your council considers this enough of a public health problem that they have asked the MInistry of Health to look into the cases of the families who have come forward.
      Are you aware of the Samsung-Pattern Armow project which will bring another 90 turbines to the area? You may wish to check out to see details.
      In the meantime, it would be nice if you would do some more reading. This week’s Council meeting was a lesson in what the wind developers are prepared to do–or NOT do–to protect the health and safety of your community.

    • Not sure what could be “bigger” than 30 families sick and unable to live in their homes. Of course, not EVERYONE experiences health effects from the noise and infrasound produced by the turbines, just as not everyone on a ship gets seasick. But what marvellous community spirit you have, what compassion for your fellow man…or in this case, children in your community who are exposed to the turbine noise and infrasound day and night. Your Medical Officer of Health is concerned, as is your council…why doesn’t your community matter to you?

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