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Submissions go to Health Canada from sick Ontario residents

We’ve mentioned Ontario-based health researcher Carmen Krogh before, as one of those in the vanguard of bringing the issue of noise and infrasound and their effects on human health.

This week, Krogh began submitting individual case reports to Health Canada; these reports are descriptions of what people living near wind power installations are experiencing.

From November 26, is the submission on behalf of Mrs Barbara Kelly, who has now had to leave her home and take up rental accommodation to get away from the environmental noise and vibration.

You can see how tragic this is for the people going through this–and worse how tragic it is that the wind power developers and their paid consultants can say, these people are just stressed, they don’t like the “look” of turbines, they have just upset themselves.

Here is an excerpt from the November 26 document, which is also found in entirety on our documents tab.

I live on the border of Grey County and Dufferin County. I am very sick. I basically don’t have much memory of what I have done since January of 2012. I know one thing, I am very sick. I have been to 6 specialists, homeopath, naturopath, herbalists, emergency department, mental health, counsellors. They find nothing wrong with me when I am there but when I am at home, this is what I experience: I cannot fall asleep, when I do, I wake up 10 minutes later and this is constant all night. I have heart palpitations, increased pounding heart rate, when I do wake up which is usually 3 to 4 a.m. I absolutely cannot go back to sleep, my stomach is spinning, … I vomit, I have constant shaking and vibrating in my centre core, mostly stomach. I have constant diarrhea, I have ringing in my ears, vertigo that makes me fall over, my feet are numb, I retch, I have lost 70 lbs since January 2012. I cannot eat at home, I have to take digestive enzymes, my mind is clouded, memory is poor…

It goes on.

And will until this government, and the so-called “environmental” organizations that have an appalling double standard on this issue, and healthcare organizations like the RNAO, call it to account.



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