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Critical review of the 17 studies

The huge corporate wind power development industry makes much of a particular group of studies on the possible health impacts from the environmental noise and infrasound produced by large-scale wind power generation machines—all of them, of course, coming to the conclusion that either there are no effects at all (preposterous) or the effects are insignificant, or the effects will be removed with psychotherapy. (People don’t like change, or they’re angry about the “look” of the turbines.)

Now, a respected website author has done a critical analysis of the 17 studies–reviews, all of them; not a clinical study to be seen–and posted it here:

Review studies of course are based on carefully selected references and can be used to come up with just about any conclusion. The studies that are bought and paid for by the wind industry are particularly suspect. Again, we are still appalled that the CanWEA-AWEA funded paper of some years ago now, actually concluded that no more research needed to be done. That is simply unheard of in bona fide research circles.

We learned today that someone filed a Freedom of Information request with the Government of Canada, and as a result learned that Health Canada had at least one meeting with the industry lobby group, CanWEA, MONTHS before the health study was announced.

We understand that a certain amount of consultation is routine between industry and regulators, but in this case, where Health Canada is perhaps inappropriately also taking on a research role, this consultation was inappropriate.

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