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Freedom of Information request reveals Dr King report revisions

A Freedom of Information request has produced documents that detail revisions to the report by Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health on industrial wind turbine noise and health effects by contributing authors and reviewers, and shows that the discussion on “direct” and “indirect” effects from the environmental noise was at times contentious.

At one point, one of the reviewers comments, “either fess up to the link to annoyance or delete the whole thing.”


Also at issue was the fact that the 2010 report by the CMOH concentrated ONLY on “direct” health effects. As we all know, the health effects are the result of “indirect” pathways. In specific, the noise and vibration cause stress and anxiety and “annoyance” in the true medical sense of that term, which results in health effects over the long term. Infrasound is becoming seen as possibly the worse effect, with resulting effects on health becoming cumulative.

Read the report on the findings from the Freedom of Information request, here.FESS UP OR DELETE December 28 2012


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