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Our New Year’s Eve wish: justice for victims of wind turbine environmental noise

T’is the season to look ahead to what the next year might bring. We hope it does NOT bring more

-ignorance of the environmental health problems being caused by the noise and vibration/infrasound produced by large-scale wind power developments, either wilfully in the case of the Ontario government and health organizations such as the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario (“speaking out for health”–not really!), Environmental Defence, the Sierra Club and the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment, or out of ignorance of the issues of rural communities by city dwellers

-rapid approvals of wind power projects that are too close to people

-rubber stamp approvals of the so-called environmental assessments of these projects. There is NO oversight, just a list of boxes to be checked off; the bias is clearlt FOR the power developers.

-ignorance of demonstrated, documented cases of illness as in Kincardine, Clear-Creek-Cultus-Frogmore, Amaranth, Ridgetown and more

-obstructed complaints about wind turbine noise by the Ministry of the Environment; complaints are logged by the “Spills Line” and then go no further than the regional or district offices…this is appalling, and means the decision-makers at Queen’s Park and at the MOE in Toronto can claim they know nothing about the true nature of the situation (which is already dire for some families)

We do wish for:

-a return of provincial legislature in Ontario so elected representatives can speak out against unbridled wind power development

-attention by health professional organizations like the RNAO, OMA, nurse-practitioners, family physicians and others with an open mind to this growing environmental and public health problem

That is our wish.

Happy New Year and best wishes for 2013.



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