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MPP Thompson: government covered up noise complaints, reports of illness

Huron-Bruce MPP Lisa Thompson–who has already called for a moratorium on approvals of new wind power projects in Ontario until health studies are done and results available, and whose riding has several communities affected by wind power developments–filed a Freedom of Information request to learn what happened to noise complaints about the turbines near Melancthon.

It turns out, the government did get quite a number of complaints, the complaints were determined to be serious and valid, and staff actually developed a noise abatement plan.

Guess what? Nothing happened.

Taking guidance from the wind power industry, the government changed the regulations so that the turbines were once again in compliance.

Unbelievable. No wait, we can believe it.

And we are still stunned that the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario supports the invasion of wind turbines in Ontario communities too close to people, and that the Association refuses to acknowledge this growing environmental illness.

The story from CTV Kitchener may be seen in a video here:


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