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Dr Hazel Lynn: surprising results from research

Grey-Bruce Medical Officer of Health Dr Hazel Lynn and colleague Ian Arra last week released results of their review of international literature on wind turbine noise and health impacts.

In one sentence, “the null hypothesis” was disproved. In other words, it is now NOT possible to completely deny the existence of negative health impacts.

In this interview with radio host Dale Goldhawk, Dr Lynn suggests that it is worrying that Ontario continues to approve these wind power generation projects when clearly, there is indication of health problems, due to sleep deprivation and other factors.

Goldhawk: shouldn’t government’s operate on the Precautionary Principle?

Lynn: “It’s more than Precautionary now, we know there are people…we have to make adjustments for the 10-15% of people we know are affected by wind turbines.”

The longer this goes on, the more complicit the government is in deepening an environmental health problem in Ontario.

Time for other medical and health care professionals to step up and help protect the citizens of Ontario.



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