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Wind industry: disingenuous ‘research’ blames the victims

The latest gambit of the gigantic corporate wind power generation industry, which cares nothing for the health of people neighbouring wind power projects, or for the natural environment, is to again blame the people around the world who are reporting health effects.

Based on a supposed research paper article* coming from Australia, the new accusation is that community groups opposed to large-scale wind power generation projects are themselves causing the negative health effects. The greatest number of reports of ill health come from areas where there are community groups, the wind power friendly paper says. Wind turbine syndrome or any reported health effects are simply the result of a “communicated disease.”

Really. It doesn’t occur to these people that the community groups are being formed BECAUSE of the wind power projects and BECAUSE there are health effects.

We will let Dr Robert McMurtry, a distinguished physician and researcher, continue. In this article that was published on the National Wind Watch website, he says the original paper by Simon Chapman, blatantly ignores peer-reviewed research in favour of a “highly selective” list of references and a “confirmation bias.”

“A key data source,” Dr McMurtry writes, “was the industry’s own records of complaints. The conflict of interest is obvious.” The statement that “wind farm operators have a clear interest in any reactions of nearby residents to the farms they operate” is, according to Dr McMurtry, “an unwarranted assumption and is perhaps disingenuous.”

“It is clear,” Dr McMurtry concludes, “there is reason to believe the senior author is significantly biased and that the methodology of this research is inadequate. These inadequacies are not trivial. On the contrary, they call the work of Chapman et al into serious doubt.”

*Spatio-temporal differences in the history of health and noise complaints about Australian wind farms. Chapman S et al. 15 March 2013


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