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Wind Concerns Ontario demands investigation of health complaints

Here’s the scene in Ontario:

Regulations with no scientific evidence establish a setback between wind power generators and people’s homes that works out to be 500 meters.

International scientists say 2 km is more reasonable. (Society for Wind Vigilance, others)

The wind power developers use computer modelling for noise in their applications, which may or may not be accurate.

The 2011 Environmental Review Tribunal decision said that Ontario should review and revise its regulations, and keep up with evolving science.

The Tribunal also said more research is needed, including on “indirect” pathways that can lead to health problems.

Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health put out a lit review in 2010 claiming “no” direct causal link between turbines and health problems, BUT she did add that more research is needed, particularly around actual noise testing.

And where are we today?

Ontario continues to approve 2-3 wind power projects each month, despite growing reports of health problems in Ontario, and around the world.

Ontario residents are filing hundreds of noise complaints with the Ministry of the Environment “Spills Line”…which go nowhere.

Today, Wind Concerns Ontario announced it has sent a letter to Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr Arlene King requesting an investigation into the complaints from Ontario residents, and based on testimony at the Environmental Review Tribunal which concludes this week (including that of former Assistant Deputy Minister for Health Canada Dr Robert McMurtry) , under the authority of the Health Protection and Promotion Act of Ontario.

It is well past the time when this should have been done.

Our advice to Dr King is to launch a program of intensive followup on the health complaints and with the physicians and health units that are also receiving them, and begin to protect the health of the people of Ontario. And we call on the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario to support it.

Read the letter to the Chief Medical Officer of Health here:



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