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The Ontario government and its dubious record on health

If you are at all aware of the damage being done to Ontario communities by wind power projects, and the reports of health effects from the environmental noise and vibration (soundpressure, infrasound, low frequency noise) you’re already very concerned that reports of excessive noise and ill health effects are not being followed up by our provincial government. The wind power debacle is in addition to other Ontario health scandals such as the ORNGE mismanagement and eHealth.

You also cringe at the amount of money being given to wind power developers when at the same time, services are being cut, plans for new hospitals cancelled or put on hold (in some cases, despite community fund-raising efforts), rural health services being cut back or removed altogether, and professional services such as physiotherapy curtailed.

So now, how rich it is that the Ontario government has announced more help for children with special needs, including those with autism. At the same time, however, the province has approved, or is about to approve, noisy wind power projects very near communities full of young families, some with autistic children, and communities where autistic children attend school. (Autistic children often have hyperacusis, and react poorly to exposure to noise.) Examples are West Lincoln (where the citizens’ group Mothers Against Wind Turbines has been very vocal in demanding the province protect their children–see link to photo, below), Listowel, Kincardine, and Brinston, to name a few. Kincardine Council, as you may know, saw a delegation of 20 families last December—people who have had to leave their homes, or who should leave, for their health.

The other announcement was that the Ontario government wants to engage in consultations on how to reduce poverty in Ontario. This from a government whose power policies have cause electricity bills to double, with more increases on the way.

Nurses should engage in the comment process on the poverty issue. More information on how to do that may be found at the government website, here:

email us at

(And don’t expect the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario to comment fully on this issue—they are too deep in whatever arrangement they have with pseudo-environmental organizations like Environmental Defence and Canadian Physicians for the Environment, and the Liberal Party of Ontario, to ever point a finger at ONtario’s horrendous and unnecessarily high electricity bills)


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