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Welcome to Nurses For Safe Renewable Power.

Why choose a nurse from the 19th century to talk about today’s environmental issues? Because Miss Nightingale was in fact one of the first environmental health theorists. She believed that a person’s environment is key to how healthy they are, and she identified clean air, clean water, and nourishing food as important factors.

She also said that a “quiet environment” was important to health, and how right she was.

In 2011, the World Health Organization produced a report on Environmental Noise, and detailed the “burden of disease” from environmental noise.

In Ontario today, we have a problem–a new problem–with environmental noise: that produced by industrial wind turbines. These huge machines–the newest ones proposed are as tall as 190 meters or 626 feet–are capable of producing up to 3 megawatts (MW) of electrical power. The by-products of that process are noise and a unique form of vibration, also low-frequency noise, or infrasound. Already, dozens of people are ill as an indirect result of being exposed to environmental noise from wind turbines

The people of Ontario are being told that we HAVE to have industrial-scale wind power: without it, our coal-fired plants will produce pollution that will make children ill.

As nurses, we know that a great deal of what is being told to the people of Ontario is not true. Worse, our own professional association, the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario, appears to have been co-opted by a political agenda, and has closed its doors to learning further about this issue of environmental health.

We invite you to use this site to explore, and to learn more…to find out what the people who are promoting industrial-scale wind power generation might prefer you not know.

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8 thoughts on “About

  1. Cam Pritchard on said:

    very good, maybe now , people will start to listen.

  2. Here’s some fuel for you. Wind output is pathetic You should have a look at what is happening in Europe, especially Italy and Germany where power rates are so high that half a million people have been cut off because they cannot pay. What are the health effects of energy poverty?

  3. Another anti-wind group. If the effects were so bad, europe would be dead. Perhaps farmers would prefer a coal plant or nuke plant in their fields instead? We all like to turn our lights on and be able to cook, but no one likes how we generate power. Now we have cleaner alternatives and they are being attacked as well. How will this look to our future generations….sorry honey about the third arm, on the brightside it is becoming normal since all the nuclear plants were added and their waste seeping into our ground and water sources. We didn’t want wind cause it was too “loud”.

    • Let us respond:
      1. Europe–there are over 400 community groups in Europe right now opposing large-scale wind power developments; these people have been living with turbines for years, and they know what the effects are on human health. Don’t talk to us about “wind mills”–the things that are being built now are HUGE nosie making power generators, not idyllic little wind “mills” in the countryside in Holland.
      2. Speaking for Ontario only, we now use coal-fired power generation for less than 3% of our power generation. Ontario could shut the remaining plants down right now, but we can’t because at periods of peak demand, we need something that you can turn on and turn up…you can’t do that with wind.
      3. We are not scientists or experts on power generation, but you have been sold a bill of goods on nuclear power and are believing the bogey-man nonsense about it. In France, nuclear power is considered “green” and renewable.
      4. As to the noise produced by wind power generators it is not simply that it is “loud”…wind turbines create noise but also infrasound or sound pressure, and that is what is so damaging.
      We are about to post new research on the harmful effects of infrasound.

      We suggest that you need to read more on the other side of this. Perhaps you live in a city, and you will never face the threat of having huge wind power generators next to your home, or that will wreck your community. Please have some sympathy for the people this has happened to, for the people who have been made ill through no fault of their own, for the sake of profits to the wind power developers. Because that’s the other part of this … wind doesn’t work.

  4. Ben Acheson on said:

    Great Website. Keep up the fight for safe power.

    Check this video out too: ‘Wind Energy: Chalk it up as a loss’

  5. Ben Acheson on said:

    You may like this new video called ‘Why Green isn’t always Good’. It exposes that politics is driven by green policies, despite few voters electing green politicians, because being ‘green’ is seen as fashionable. This is often the same reason for the unrelenting spread of windfarms.

    The link is here:

    Is this something you might be able to share with your supporters? Any help in spreading the message would be appreciated greatly!

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