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Anecdotes for the wind companies, real suffering for turbine neighbours

CSAGE, the Coalition for Safe and Appropriate Green Energy, a group based in Prince Edward County, Ontario, has published a selection of stories from people already living with industrial wind turbines, and the environmental noise and infrasound they produce.

We cannot imagine what kind of person you would have to be to ignore these stories of people being made ill–especially when the symptoms are the same, no matter who the person, or where they are living–and to insist this is “necessary.”

Here are the stories on CSAGE’s blog site.

Of particular note, the story of the family that farms goats: of their herd of 20 nanny goats, NOT ONE kid has survived this year. The goats all aborted or the kids died within hours of birth. And yet, the wind companies say that people’s problems with the wind turbines might be psychiatric and could be remedied with appropriate psychotherapy (Knopper & Ollsen, 2011).

Tell that to the farmer with 20 dead goats.

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